Fast Recovery

FastRecovery – Data Backup & Business Continuity

How Secure is your Data?

There’s an ancient IT proverb that states there are two types of hard drives; one that has failed, and one that is about to fail. In fact, hard drive manufacturers stamp an ‘Estimated Time to Failure’ number on their drives. It doesn’t matter what kind of device we’re talking about; Desktop PCs, Laptops, Netbooks, Servers, Mail Servers, or the SD card in your camera; the disk will fail, the real question is when. What’s worse is about 80% of organizations don’t have a reliable backup solution.

What about a real disaster? What would happen to your data in a flood or a fire? Nobody likes to think about such an event, but it can happen to anyone. What if you could have your business’ data restored within 2 days of a catastrophic event that takes down your entire IT infrastructure, restoring your data to within 15 minutes of the disaster? Now what if you could do all this, automated and incrementally, without any user action at all? No tapes to pop into the drive, no media to store at an offsite location – this is Business Continuity.

Ask yourself,

  • Is your data backed up daily?
  • Do you rotate tapes or keep rotational backups?
  • Do you take at least one tape or copy of your backup off site at least once a week?
  • The biggest question – Have you tested a restore? If your data goes down, how long before you can get it back up? (HINT: You should not be guessing this one)

FastRecovery Features

Services Overview
  • Backup your Data every 15 minutes.
  • Backup opened files, exchange inboxes, everything on your server!
  • Data is encrypted and stored off site in two redundant data centers.
  • Fast data restoration of files, file folders, emails or email stores.
  • Your data is always accessible.
  • Can act as your server in the event of a server failure.
  • Pushes your data and settings back onto the new server hardware.
  • Full management and warranty of the FastRecovery server and remote storage is included.
  • Peace of Mind included!

We want backup to be a no-brainer. We want you to rest easy knowing no matter what happens, your data is available. That’s why we’ve developed FastRecovery, a bullet-proof backup and business continuity model that eliminates every single pain point of older, less reliable backup solutions. No more dealing with tapes, failed backups, skipped files, and slow recovery times. Eliminate the need for tapes and external drives, and let FastRecovery protect your data.

FastRecovery provides a high level of automated data protection for your business far superior to labor-intensive, error-prone tape backups. Files are backed up as often as every 15 minutes, even if they are open or in use. Backups are taken incrementally, meaning you can roll back to any backup point. FastRecovery is fully monitored and managed by our Network Operations Center 24×7. We check the backup process daily to ensure it’s always running.

We know businesses depend on the data stored in their servers and demand fast recovery from a catastrophe. In the event of server failure, we can have your organization up and running as quickly as 2 hours. In the event a catastrophe incapacitates our FastRecovery server and your server(s), we can have a replacement FastRecovery server ready-to-run as your server(s) within 2 business days.